Arianna Grande fans are gonna cum to this one!


Plastic, metal or leather rings can be used to keep a penis engorged with blood for longer periods when/if required..

Yeah, I know there should be more pics of the name sake here. I’m busy

(via mactruck351)

Official Tumblr of the Real DoubleDickDude

This guy is diphallic.

That means he has two dicks.

I remember seeing pics like these years ago on StileProject or Consumption Junction or some other site back in the early 2000s. I wonder if it is the same person.

But yeah, the guy has two dicks, and he’s hung, and he’s gay (and really likes fisting)


The more my days of youth pass me, the more I want to go to a gloryhole to do this.

Oddly enough, this looks kind of fake, since the hands are completely still. The cock seems to be an independent layer from the hands, as if it was originally a gif of a cumming cock with the background guy added, or vice versa….but why do that?

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